A Mom's Guide to Taking Your Yoga Off The Mat And Into Mom Life

Feeling Good in Motherhood

The only guide designed to help moms keep their yoga vibe flowing both on and off the mat no matter what comes next.

Learn how to:

  • Create a Vibe-Care Toolkit for raising your vibe quickly and getting yourself out of a funk in record time next time you’re in one.
  • Empower yourself to feel good regardless of your circumstances
  • Tap into your inner mentor to CULTIVATE MORE JOY, CONNECTION & HARMONY in your life as you return to your high vibe self
  • Raise the vibe in your home as you reclaim your own inner vibe. 


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Hi!  I'm Tracy and I'm a firm believer that anything is possible, even feeling good in motherhood.

I spent years spinning my wheels and living what I call the whack-a-mole life, letting life happen at me. Feeling less than content and sometimes even a little dead inside.

I'd been doing yoga and meditating for decades at that point and was never able to maintain that amazing yoga vibe feeling until I learned the importance of vibe-care, an often overlooked but hugely important aspect of self-care.  

I LOVE how simple and fun creating this toolkit is and now I can get myself out of a funk and return to my high vibe self waaaaay quicker than ever before.  And, I know you're going to love it too.

Download the toolkit and I'll show you how.

Shine Brightly,



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